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A woman on the bike pedalling away from us along a shopping street.
  • What makes our e-bikes better than normal e-bikes?
    The Clike bike is a high-end e-bike built with the best materials and components. Due to its size, the Clike is more compact than most other e-bikes. The Clike should adapt to your lifestyle, not the other way around.
  • What is the Koala Clicker?
    Our patented Koala Clicker is an assembly tool, specially designed to be clicked around the Clike's frame tubes. This makes it easy to click our accessories on the frame and you can easily switch between accessories. Due to its strength and resilience, the Koala Clicker can withstand various weather conditions.
  • Where are the click bikes made?
    The Clike Bikes are designed and made at our head office, just outside Rotterdam. We also assemble our e-bikes here. We can proudly say that not only did Clike start in the Netherlands, the e-bikes are also produced here.
  • Can I get my Clike Bike in a different color?
    At the moment we only offer the Clike Bikes in one color combination: black and red. This may change in the near future!
  • If I want an accessory that isn't on sale yet, would there be a way to produce it?"
    Here at Clike we are constantly working on new and unique accessories. Are you looking for an accessory that is not yet in our production? No worries! Share your idea with us and we will contact you as soon as possible.
  • What is the Clike iRider?
    Our Clike iRider is similar to the Clike Traveler, a compact e-bike, but at a lower price. This way everyone can enjoy Clike, regardless of the price.
  • How will my bicycle or accessory be shipped to me?
    Your Clike Bike and accessories will be delivered by our delivery partners. They are safely packed in a cardboard box with all the necessary protective material.
  • Can you ship internationally?
    For shipment within Europe we charge € 200,- for distribution costs (with the exception of the Netherlands and Belgium). We do not ship outside of Europe. Service is currently not possible outside the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Which payment method are available?
    Clike Bikes BV has a safe environment for payments via On the payment page you can choose to pay via iDeal, Paypal or Bancontant. Is your desired payment method not listed? Do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Can I return my order if I am not satisfied with the product(s)?
    If you order via the website, you are entitled to the right of withdrawal legally established by the EU. This gives you the right to return your ordered product within 14 days of purchase. for more information about our return policy, please click here.
  • How do you ensure that my privacy is protected?
    We see it as our responsibility to ensure the protection of your privacy. More information about this can be found on the Privacy Policy page. This page explains what information we collect when you visit and use our website, why we collect this information and how we use it to improve your experience.


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